Results & Reports
  • Patient Portal: Your original laboratory test result will be available here. Please follow the instructions contained in the invitation email. 

  • Cell/Text/Email: This is our primary communication method. Please update and validate your cell number and email. We encourage you to provide us your own cell and email.

  • To Opt-Out of Text/Email:

    • Check "Opt out from this method" when you check in.

    • Or inform the front desk that you would like to opt-out.

Medication Refill
  • Request to Pharmacy Fastest method!

    • Call your pharmacy Select the prescription refill request option.

    • Input the prescription number and confirm the medication name.

    • The automated system will ask you to enter the pick up time. ​

  • Call Our Office​   

    • Please leave a message with your Name, Date of Birth, Name of Medicine, and Pharmacy Information. . ​