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As a local family medicine board certified primary care physician, we are thrive to provide the best health care services focused on  preventive care, common primary care (GP doctor) diseases and chronic illness.  

순병원은 지역사회 만성 질환을 책임지는 사명감으로 최선을 다하는 클리닉 입니다. 

​건강 검진 (보험 제공 Annual 건강 검진 및 비보험) 을 통해 질병 예방에 중점을 두고 있습니다. 

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예약 문의: (phone)  770-614-9799  

email : agfamilymedicine@@

Chang S. Kim, MD

Wonjin Rhi, FNP

Eun Ji Sung, FNP
Our Services
  • Annual Preventive Physical Check Up (Annual 건강 검진)

  • 성인 만성 질환 (Chronic disease)

  • 노인 건강 및 질환 예방 (Geriatric)

  • 혈액 검사, 알러지 검사, 골다공증 검사, 초음파 검사, 심전도.(Labs, osteoporosis, ultrasound, ECG)

  • 비만 관리

On-Site Services
  • Laboratory - administered by Quest / Labcorp Laboratory Inc.

  • Bone Density (Hologic full body DEXA bone density machine)

  • ECG

Annual Exams


Applies to Medicare, most private insurances, and Pediatric State insurances


"I have no doubt that Dr. Kim is the best family physician I ever had in my life. Dr. Kim listened carefully to my symptoms, documented every details of my symptoms and pulled out lists of possible diagnoses. Staffs were efficient and friendly."

— Jean H.